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Soul Immersion with Katie Underwood & Nadia Gledhill

A half-day retreat of Guided Meditation, Past Life Regression & Sound Healing

Soul Immersion with Katie Underwood & Nadia Gledhill
Soul Immersion with Katie Underwood & Nadia Gledhill

الوقت والموقع

22 أكتوبر 2023، 1:00 م – 5:00 م

Northcote, 2B Elm St, Northcote VIC 3078, Australia

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Join Katie Underwood & Nadia Gledhill for a half-day urban retreat at the beautiful Shining Light Yoga Studio in Northcote.

Together they will combine their healing modalities for the first time, with an expertly guided afternoon of Meditation, Visualisation, Sound Healing & Past Life Regression. 

Part 1: Guided Meditation & Sound Healing with Katie

Katie begins with Group Intention setting & guided meditations followed by a deeply relaxing and transcendent Sound Journey. 

The Soundscape is live and intuitively channelled and features native drums, handpan, chimes, singing bowls combined with Vedic & Tibetan mantras, to facilitate clearing, healing and release. 

Benefits of regular Meditation & Sound Healing:

  • reduced anxiety 
  • improved sleep & deep rest
  • helps with symptoms of depression & PTSD
  • decrease pain
  • improve focus & concentration
  • spiritual connection

This session is designed to help you relax, be fully present and begin to connect with your higher self  in preparation for Part 2. 

Part 2: Guided Meditation, Visualisation & Past Life Regression with Nadia

Join Nadia as she guides you through a past life experience in this guided past life regression using the Dolores Cannon group past life regression method.

You will also journey to meet your spirit guide or guardian angel and discover what message they wish to pass on to you.


  • Learn to connect with your heart in a guided heart connection meditation
  • Discover who you were in one of your past lives
  • Bring forward relevant life lessons into this lifetime
  • Uncover past life memories you thought were lost
  • Uncover past life connections with someone in this current lifetime


Please BYO pillow or cushion. 

Yoga mats, blankets and  bolsters are provided at the studio. Feel free to bring anything else you wish, to be more comfortable. 

NOTE: We will take a 30 min break between Part 1 & 2:  Herbal tea, fresh fruit, snacks & sweets.  


Nadia Gledhill is a passionate QHHT practitioner and circle facilitator. She aims to help people become in tune with their spiritual side, explore their past and manifest their best future. As a QHHT practitioner, Nadia enjoys helping people connect to their Subconscious/Higher Self to receive clarification and answers to their life questions. Her mission is to help those who desire to discover and heal through QHHT hypnosis.

Note: This workshop is not QHHT / Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session. This is a guided Past Life Regression. In person QHHT sessions are available; this is a wonderful way to get a taste.

Katie Underwood is a Meditation Teacher, Reiki & Sound Healing Practitioner & Massage Therapist, Multi-instrumentalist, Vocalist and Recording Artist. 

Her passion & purpose is empowering people to activate self-healing with meditation, music &  spiritual and social connections.


  • General Ådmission

    BYO pillow or cushion. Yoga mat, blanket, bolster provided. Includes afternoon tea.

    AU$ 120.00
    الضريبة: +AU$ 12.00 GST+AU$ 3.30 رسوم خدمة
    مباع بالكامل

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