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السبت، 25 مايو


Maitripa Centre, Healesville

Sound Healers Workshop - HEALESVILLE

This 4 hour afternoon workshop is for my retreat guests to deepen their learning of the Medicine Buddha Mantra, anyone curious to go deeper into sound healing practice, or who may be already practicing sound healing. Includes a Vegetarian Dinner.

Sound Healers Workshop - HEALESVILLE
Sound Healers Workshop - HEALESVILLE

الوقت والموقع

25 مايو 2024، 2:30 م – 7:30 م

Maitripa Centre, Healesville, 528 Myers Creek Rd, Healesville VIC 3777, Australia

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Sound Healers' Mentor & Training workshop

Saturday May 25th. 2:30pm - 7:30pm

Please arrive at 1:30pm

Proceed to the Main Hall to set up & settle in for Meditation at 2pm.

The workshop starts at 2:30pm  until  6:30pm

Dinner is served 6:30pm. 

After 10 years of working with sacred sounds and 15 years as a Healer, it is now time for me to step back from general group events and to empower as many up-and-coming Sound Healers of the Future as I can.  I can help you put your Theory into Practice and find the confidence to trust yourself enough to create your own offerings with authenticity, wisdom  and grace. I encourage all sound healers & healers-in-training  to attend the Sound Healers' Workshop and add the Medicine Buddha mantra  to your  existing private  and group sessions.  

I offer my Service as both a Teacher & Mentor.

  • To offer guidance to those currently learning sound healing
  • support existing healing practitioners expand their offerings
  • for anyone on a spiritual journey who wants to include sound healing poractice & mantra for personal growth.
  • To answer any questions you have around the methods you are currently using with sound
  • discuss the various instruments used and best techniques
  • to share my experiences with you to help you on your journey

This  will  include:

  • instruction of the longer form version of the Medicine Buddha Mantra, as taught to me directly by Venerable Lama Tendar, who served as  Chant Master to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for many years.  It is my great honour and privilege to be able to share this ancient and profoundly healing mantra with you, with his blessing. In my personal and professional practice of this over the last year, I have found the healing effects, when combined with Reiki especially, have been nothing short of profound. I would encourage all sound healers & healers in training - to attend this workshop and add  this to their existing practice and group sessions.

  • instruction on the correct way to play Tibetan singing bowls & crystal singing bowls. Sound healing is a subtle modality and one should always be mindful of this when playing for others.

  • a general discussion on the use of other instruments in your practice

  • connecting with and releasing your healing voice - the most powerful healing instrument we have! Best of all it's totally free and everyone has one. We will discuss the common 'blocks' people face and then continue onto a group practice to help unearth  your personal blockages and help work on your strengths in this area. I believe every person has a unique and valuable frequency to offer and it is now my sacred mission to awaken as many Sound Healing voices as I can!

ALL retreat guests are welcome to attend the Workshop at a discounted price of $200. 


  • Workshop & Dinner

    انتهاء البيع: 19 مايو، 10:00 م

    Includes 4 hour workshop plus vegetarian dinner

    AU$ 350.00
    الضريبة: GST متضمن
  • Retreat Guest ticket

    انتهاء البيع: 19 مايو، 10:00 م

    Includes 4 hour workshop

    AU$ 200.00
    الضريبة: GST متضمن


AU$ 0.00

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